Established in 2020

Located in the heart of Falmouth, Maine, Alchemy Chiropractic is highly recommended and is a leader in adjustment procedures focused on localization and removal of spinal nerve interference. Delivering gentle, evidence-based modern and results driven care is the foundation for the practice.

Dr. Terrio practices in a very unique way with an emphasis on the skull on spine relationship. This cutting edge method is on the forefront of chiropractic research and has been shown to resolve some of the most difficult chiropractic cases. We believe in reclaiming our sovereignty and reverence back to all things natural. This begins by understanding and empowering conscious choices that evolve our well-being to live a very full and rich life.

Our team is highly dedicated to bring to you extremely efficient skills that meet and exceed your expectations when receiving healthcare. When it comes to your health, we are there to help restore function, balance, and vitality in your life. We follow a simple method of analysis to get to the root cause of the problem so that your body’s proper alchemy can begin to reach a balanced homeostasis.

We will always perform a multi-system examination including X-rays to determine: 1. What is the cause of the pain 2. What needs to be done to eliminate the discomfort 3. How long it will take to improve 4. Answer any questions you may have. Our office is highly effective and extremely cost conscious and will never guess when it comes to your diagnosis and treatment.

We look forward to being on your path of alchemy.

Dr. T


To provide the highest quality chiropractic service delivered with a sense of passion to inspire everyone’s innate ability to heal and live life to their fullest expression.


Our vision is to have an evolving community that trusts their authentic power within their bodies and express health to the fullest potential.